How Many Times Can You Change Your Birthday on Snapchat?

Those of you who have a Snapchat account: Have you ever lied about your birth date? You know it’ll be annoying if your Snapchat buddies start sending you birthday wishes even if it’s not your birthdate. As we know, anybody can easily change their date of birth on Snapchat but the question is How Many Times … Read more

Can You Block Someone on Hinge? & How Can You Do it?

Hinge is more than a dating app for some people. The paid and free versions each have special tools to help you find your soul mate. As far as user privacy is concerned, Hinge ensures your security and privacy in the same way as other dating apps. It’s up to you to decide if you … Read more

How To Fix Blurry PFP On Discord

How To Fix Blurry PFP On Discord

Discord is text and voice chat for all gamers that is not only free but also secure for use both on desktops and mobile phone devices. You can write and send your texts and voice messages to different members, you can send DM’s and play games with many users. Just like many other video games, … Read more

How To Live Stream On KIK

How To Live Stream On KIK

Just like other social media apps KIK also lets users meet and interact with new people. And now there are more possibilities to interact with new people with the new live streaming feature. KIK live streaming is quite easy and anyone can create it. This guide will explain to you how to start a live … Read more

AirPods Connecting While in Case?

AirPods Connecting While in Case?

If you are an AirPods user, this information might come in handy because many people using AirPods are facing the issue about AirPods connecting while in case.  There are many reasons why this is happening. It might be because of some new software that you are using. And after using when you place your AirPods back … Read more

Does VSCO Notify Screenshots?

Does VSCO Notify Screenshots

VSCO is much more than a regular photo editor for both iPhones and androids. It’s a photo-sharing application where people share their experiences in the form of amazing photography. On this application, you can capture images and videos and then edit them by using different presets filters and editing options. If you also want to … Read more

How To Send a Picture As a Snap? A Walkthrough Guide

How To Send a Picture As a Snap?

Today we will discuss how to send a picture as a snap, in a detailed manner along with other related queries about Snaps on the Snapchat application. Read the article completely in order to understand the concepts with a walkthrough guide. What is a Snap? Snaps are the specific (live captured) pictures in any Snapchat conversation … Read more

Can Your Snapchat Score Go Up Without Opening Snaps?

Snapchat has some exceptional and advanced features compared to other social media apps. There are tons of new features in this app that users are completely unaware of. If you recently joined Snapchat or have been using it for a long time, you are surely curious about the most popular question among Snapchat users “Can … Read more

Does Twitter Notify When You Screenshot? Here’s The Answer

Twitter is one of the most influential and famous social media platforms which constantly keeps on improving itself when it comes to the latest features. For example, Twitter introduced the feature of groups and circles recently through which users can interact with each other in a whole new way. However, the users are pretty curious … Read more

Spotify Signed Me Out – How Can I Fix This Issue?

If you want to enjoy some music nowadays, you just need Spotify and an active internet connection. However, the users of this top-notch audio streaming service are facing a new Login problem with the app recently which causes automatic log out from the account, and cannot easily log back in. So, if you are wondering why … Read more