How To Live Stream On KIK

Just like other social media apps KIK also lets users meet and interact with new people. And now there are more possibilities to interact with new people with the new live streaming feature. KIK live streaming is quite easy and anyone can create it.

This guide will explain to you how to start a live stream on KIK. You just have to click on the Live TV Icon and then choose the Go Live icon. Then you will see the terms and services, accept them and that’s it, your live streaming will be started. 

This feature has recently been introduced and people were not able to use this feature in the past because the company didn’t introduce it yet. But since this feature has been introduced now, users can enjoy other people’s live streaming and create their own live stream as well. 

In this article, you will get to know more about live streaming on KIK. This live-streaming option on KIK is a great way of earning money as well. This live stream feature is both for iPhones and androids. 

What is KIK Live Stream?

The live stream feature on KIK is a way on interacting with new people. This feature is so common on many other social media applications such as Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, etc.

On KIK you can start live streaming and this way users can watch you on your live stream and send diamonds. 

This live stream feature is used by people to have more followers, get to know more people, earn money through gifts and rewards and create awareness. 

The Terms Of Services Of KIK Live Stream

There are a few things on KIK that you are not supposed to do if you want to go live on this app. There are certain Terms of Services that you must follow in order to have a clean streaming action. 

If you break the Terms of Services while going live on this app, your account will be shadowbanned or may be completely banned from KIK. 

So don’t ever break any rules if you want to do live streaming on this application. 

There are a few Terms that you must take notice of on KIK. 

1- Nudity Or Pornography

You must keep the nudity and pornographic content away from the KIK app. Showing nudity and pornography on live streaming is prohibited on KIK. And if you continue to do so, your account on KIK will be disabled. 

2- Hate Speech And Bullying

There are certain ethics to be on this application or maybe on any other social media app. If you are someone who is fond of bad-mouthing and swearing at people then this app isn’t for you as KIK will not allow it. KIK has a strict policy for hate speech and bullying. 

If you do bullying or hate speech on this app, your account will be banned on KIK. 

3- Illegal Activity

If you do any type of illegal activity on KIK, this will also get your account banned. For example, if you promote drugs, guns, or any other type of illegal stuff, KIK won’t allow this. So avoid this type of stuff on KIK live streaming.

4- Live Streaming With Minors / Underage user

If you are doing your live stream with minors, KIK won’t allow that either. No matter how old you are, doing a live stream with a minor will get your account banned on KIK. 

And if you are underage or minor, you can’t create a live stream on KIK. But if you still do so, your account will be banned. 

5- False Identity

On KIK, you can’t make a fake profile. You are prohibited from making a false identity. Since KIK is keeping a safe space for everyone thus you can’t personify anyone. 

How to Go Live on KIK on Androids and iOS

Live streaming on KIK is quite easy, you just have to follow the Terms of Service. First, you have to create your account and for that download the app from Google Play Store. Then sign in to your account and do some necessary settings. There is a TV icon in the right bottom corner of the home screen. Then moving to the next page, you will see a list of ongoing live streams and you can enter any live stream by requesting.

You will find many trending live streams, new live streams, and other favourite live streams. You can click on the Go Live option at the bottom to begin KIK live streaming.

However, if you want to do live streaming on KIK you must follow their Terms of Services otherwise you won’t be able to create a live stream. You will be told about the Terms of Services on this app and then you’ll have to accept it by clicking on the “Got it” option. 

Now that you have accepted the Terms of Services, you can do live streaming and meet and interact with new people.

Then moving to the next page, you can add your live description, and then tag your live streaming. After that click on Start to get your live streaming started.

The Quick Guide

  1. Open the application on your iPhone or your Android.
  2. Make your account by signing in. 
  3. Click on the Live TV Icon.
  4. Click on Go Live. 
  5. Accept different Terms of Services and click Got It.
  6. Type your description and then Start your live stream. 

When you will create a live stream, you will get requests from many other users. This is up to you either to accept their request or decline. Through your live stream, you can get many rewards and gifts, and this way you can challenge many other live streamers on this application. 

How To Cancel Your KIK, Live Stream?

If you want to create a live stream on KIK and have no idea how to cancel the live stream once you are done then here’s how you can do it. 

On the live stream page, there is an X icon in the right top corner of the screen.

Then click on the End Stream icon. Now again click on the X icon that is in the right top corner. 

After this, your live stream will be cancelled.

The Quick Guide

  1. Open the app on your iPhone or android.
  2. Then click on the X icon that is on your live stream screen.
  3. Click on End Stream.
  4. Then again click on the X icon.
  5. This way your live stream will be cancelled.

How To Join KIK Live Stream As A Guest?

If you want to gain followers and promote your page because you have a low follower count then an easy way to do so is to join others’ live streaming as guests.

Just go to the Live TV icon section.

Here you can either join a live stream or watch a live stream.

Open the app on your iPhone or android. Then click on the Live TV icon section that is in the top right corner of the screen. Here you will find many live streams which you can join. You can find live streams on “for you” page, favourite page, or trending section. 

Now you can join any live as a guest and talk to different people. This way you can gain more followers. 

When you are in somebody’s live, click on the + option on the right bottom of the screen and tap on the Guest option. This way you can “Request To Join” during the live. 

Now if you want to exit the other person’s live then tap on the X icon in the top right corner of the screen. 

The Quick Guide

  1. Open the app.
  2. Make your account by signing in. 
  3. Click on the Live TV icon. 
  4. Find the live streams.
  5. Click on the + option to join the live. 
  6. And then click on the X option to leave the live stream. 

The Benefits Of Going Live On KIK

There are many benefits of doing KIK live streaming. You can promote your page, gain more followers and interact with new people along with earning money.

1- Make Money With Gifts And Rewards

One of the many benefits of doing live streams on KIK is that you can earn money. Since people can send you many rewards and gifts and with those gifts, you can earn 50$ or maybe more if you get 10000 diamonds. After you get the diamonds you can convert these diamonds into money.

2- Reach More People

The main purpose of doing a live stream on KIK is that you can get to know more people. When you go live on your KIK, your account will reach more people, and this way you can go into the trending section. 

3- Grow Your Followers

Doing live streaming is a great way to gain more followers. Many people will join your live stream on KIK. In this way, you can use live streams to increase the audience. 

4- Build a Better Business Profile

You can also build your business profile on KIK. This can be a perfect platform for promoting your business. You can introduce your business to the audience with your creative ideas and this way you can make your business grow. 

How To Make Money On KIK Live Stream?

With KIK live streams you can make money easily. All those gifts and rewards that you got are a great source of earning money. Since people are sending you all these gifts and rewards with the money and this is their way of supporting you. You should gain more followers in order to earn more money. 

Sometimes users send you diamonds. And if you don’t know what worth each diamond carries then keep reading, 

  • 10000 diamonds mean 50$
  • 20000 diamonds mean 100$
  • 40000 diamonds mean 200$


KIK live streaming is a way of increasing your followers and interacting with new people. In this guide, you can learn about KIK live streams, how you can start a live stream, how to cancel a live stream, and how you can join someone’s live stream. And you can also get a complete guide on how you can make money from live streaming. 

Can you live stream on KIK? 

Yes, now KIK has introduced this feature and many users have started using it already. If you have no idea about it and you want to give it a try, follow the above guide and you can learn how to do live streams on KIK.

Why is live streaming on KIK not working? 

There may be many reasons for live streaming not to work. The server of the app may be down or maybe there is some issue with your internet connectivity. Sometimes there is a bug in your app and that’s why you are unable to create live streams.  For this check your internet connectivity again. Go to the link and then update your KIK app from Apple Store or Google Play Store. 

Is KIK live streams safe?

KIK has many safety and privacy rules for KIK users. This is a safe app for going live on KIK. You just have to follow all the Terms of Service. If you are following everything then you don’t have to worry about your safety on this app.

Is KIK live streams free?

KIK has free live streams. KIK doesn’t charge, users, for creating a live stream or for joining a live stream. However, you will be charged money if you want to send someone rewards and gifts on this app.