AirPods Connecting While in Case?

If you are an AirPods user, this information might come in handy because many people using AirPods are facing the issue about AirPods connecting while in case

There are many reasons why this is happening. It might be because of some new software that you are using. And after using when you place your AirPods back in the case, then still connect while in the case. 

This might be annoying for so many people because you are done using your AirPods. Why are they still connecting? 

Here are the steps that you must follow in order to fix this issue because otherwise, you won’t be able to fix it. 

Normally when you are using AirPods, they will be connected to your device and when you put them in the case, AirPods disconnect and start charging. Now when you take them out again the AirPods will be connected automatically again. This means there is an issue with your AirPods and let’s see how you can fix this. And because of this issue charging of AirPods run down and you won’t even have a chance to use them. 

Why Do AirPods Keep Connecting When They Are in The Case?

The first reason behind this issue could be Automatic Ear Detection is Disabled. This seems to be a very minor issue but Apple hasn’t done anything to resolve this issue. 

1- Automatic Ear Detection Is Disabled.

If your AirPods keep connecting while in the case it means that Automatic Ear Detection might be disabled. This doesn’t have to be the real problem but it contributes to the issue. 

When Automatic Ear Detection is disabled, your AirPods might think that they are still in your ears and thus connect to your device automatically. 

2- AirPods Connected To Your Bluetooth.

Your AirPods will stay connected to your device if they are connected to your device’s Bluetooth. For this issue, Apple is doing nothing because the Bluetooth should be disconnected automatically. 

But still make sure that after using your AirPods, disconnect your Bluetooth on your own so that you don’t get the issue of AirPods connecting while in case. 

3- AirPods Case Is Open:

This may be another possibility why your AirPods are connecting while in the case. If you leave your AirPods case open, they might stay connected to your device. So make sure you close the case to avoid AirPods connecting while in the case. 

4- AirPods Are Not Charging:

There must be a problem if AirPods are not charging and because of this, they are still connected to your device. 

Well, there might be a reason for your AirPods not to charge and one of them is that you left them in a dusty place and now there is dirt and dust in the case. And that’s why your AirPods are not charging. Or the case is just damaged so get it checked immediately. 

Sometimes, because of issues with the phone, phones don’t get charged too and that’s why they keep connecting to the AirPods even though the Bluetooth is turned off on all devices. 

5- AirPods Are Fully Charged:

This issue is also not very common but may happen sometimes. Often when your AirPods are fully charged they tend to connect with any available device or the device they were previously connected with.

6- AirPods or iPhone Has Software Issue:

Sometimes there is a software issue and that’s why your AirPods keep on connecting to your device. This must be because of some bug and because of this, your Airpods are connecting to your available device or previously connected device. And you can easily get rid of this bug by following the guide given below. 

7- AirPods Connecting With Mac

You can fix this issue for Mac in the same way as you will fix it on iPhone. 

  • First, restart your Mac. This will take 30 seconds.
  • While your Mac is rebooting, AirPods will be disconnected from your Mac. 
  • Now update your Mac. And for that go to the Menu that is in the left top corner. 
  • Tap on Software Update. 
  • Now you can see many updates available for your macOS or you can search for the latest updates. 
  • After updating, check if there’s still an issue or not. 

How To Fix AirPods Connecting While Still In Case

Here are some fixes that can help you with the issue of why AirPods are still connecting while in the case.

Fix 1: Enable The Automatic Ear Detection

In order to solve this issue, you can enable Automatic Ear Detection on your AirPods settings. If AED is enabled then it can see if the AirPods are still being used or not. 

If AED senses that AirPods are being used, then they will disconnect from your device automatically.

This has been said to resolve issues for many users and can resolve issues for you too. 

How to turn on Automatic Ear Detection? 

  1. Wear the AirPods and check if they are connected to your device or not.
  2. After that go to the AirPods settings.
  3. Open the Bluetooth option.
  4. Search AirPods.
  5. In ‘My Devices’ you will find the ‘I’ icon, click it.
  6. And then turn off the switch that is close to Automatic Ear Detection.

Fix 2: Turn Off Your Bluetooth

If AirPods are getting connecting automatically to your device, then resolve this issue simply by turning off your Bluetooth. This is the quick solution to this problem. Now that your Bluetooth is turned off, it means you can avoid AirPods connecting while in case. 

Fix 3: Reconnect Your Airpods Later

Another very easy solution to this problem is that you disconnect your AirPods from your device and you can connect them when you want to use them. This may be happening because of some bug so make sure to disconnect your device from your AirPods.

Now how to disconnect AirPods from your device? 

  1. Go to iPhone settings.
  2. Click on the Bluetooth icon. 
  3. Search for AirPods in “My Devices”.
  4. Then click on “I”.
  5. Click on Forget This Device. 
  6. After that confirm your actions.

This way your AirPods will be removed from your device. Once your AirPods are charged you can connect them again to your device.

Fix 4: Close The AirPods Case

Sometimes if you leave your AirPods case open, they might connect with any nearby device or your device if your Bluetooth is on. So make sure you close the AirPods case.

This will help the AirPods to get charged quickly. And make sure whenever your AirPods are getting charged, you disconnect them from everywhere. 

Fix 5: Remove Dirt From The Case

If you are noticing that your AirPods are continuously on low battery and are not getting charged then this may be because there is dirt in the case. So try to remove the dirt while you are at it. 

You can always use a brush to remove the dust from the case.

Fix 6: Change the AirPods Battery

This might be the issue because of your AirPods battery. That’s why you can get your  AirPods battery changed to resolve this issue. And by doing this you can fix the issue of AirPods connecting while in case. 

Fix 7: Reset Device Network Settings

If you are still facing this issue then reset your network settings. This will help you in fixing connectivity issues on the phone. 

When you will reset your network settings, your Bluetooth, WI-FI, and data settings will also be revised.

This will also help you in loading the videos that were causing the issue. 

How to reset your network settings on your iPhone?

  1. Open Settings
  2. Go to General.
  3. Click on Reset.
  4. Click on Reset Network Settings

After you reset your network settings, connect your AirPods to your device to see if there is still an issue. This proved to be a successful fix for many users.

Fix 8: Reset AirPods

If you want to reset the AirPods problems you just have to factory reset the AirPods in their default settings. 

This will remove any kind of bugs causing the issues and your AirPods will be just like new. 

How do you factory reset your AirPods?

On the case, press then holds the Setup Button. 

When the light shows orange and then turns white, let go of the button.

After the factory reset, connect your AirPods again to your device and check if still AirPods connecting while in case. 

Fix 9: Restart Your iPhone

Restarting your iPhone can resolve many issues as it clears the app that is running in the background and thus removes all the bugs too. So, just restart your device.

Fix 10: Force Restart Your Phone

Sometimes the issue doesn’t get resolved by restarting your device so in that situation force restart your device and this may help you in fixing your issue. 

How do force restart for different devices?

IPhone 6s: Press and hold on the home buttons and side buttons until the Apple logo appears on the screen.

IPhone 7 or 7Plus: Press and hold the volume and side buttons at the same time until the Apple logo appears on the screen. 

IPhone 8 or for later models: Press and release the Volume button. After that press and release the Volume down button and then press and hold the side buttons until the Apple logo appears on the screen.

IPad Pro 11 or IPad Pro 12.9: Press and Release the Volume Down and Up buttons and then Press and release the Volume Down button.

After that press/hold the home button until the Apple logo appears on the screen. 

Fix 11: Update the iPhone Version

If you have done everything to resolve the issue and you are still facing it then you should update the iPhone version.

The latest iPhone version will help you remove the glitches and bugs from your device. 

How to update your iPhone to the latest version?

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Click on General.
  3. Tap on Software Update.
  4. Then Download and Install the version available.

Fix 12: Contact Apple For A Replacement

If you still have a warranty for your iPhone, you can just connect Apple services so that they can provide you with a fix for your iPhone or AirPods. 


If you were facing the issue of connecting while in case then try out all the fixes explained above. All these fixes have been proven successful for many users. 

If you just turn off your Bluetooth it may stop your AirPods from connecting automatically to your device. And then move on to the next solutions.

Before panicking, make sure to try all these solutions. 

Can AirPods connect while they are in the case?

AirPods don’t really connect when they are in the case. If you are facing this issue, it means there are some bugs in your AirPods and thus you have to check your AirPods settings. 

What should we do if Automatic Ear Detection stops working? 

If Automatic Ear Detection doesn’t work it means it’s turned off. You should clean your AirPods case because this might be the reason why AED stopped working.