Does VSCO Notify Screenshots?

VSCO is much more than a regular photo editor for both iPhones and androids. It’s a photo-sharing application where people share their experiences in the form of amazing photography. On this application, you can capture images and videos and then edit them by using different presets filters and editing options. If you also want to share your pictures publicly on this platform, you must be wondering, does VSCO notify screenshots? And it’s quite alright to think this way as there are many other apps such as BeReal and Snapchat that detect if a screenshot is taken. 

Does VSCO Notify Screenshots?

The answer is NO! VSCO doesn’t notify anyone if the screenshot of their pictures is taken. If you are a user of VSCO, you can take screenshots of any picture that is public. Many applications don’t really notify the users if someone takes screenshots of their pictures. Even Instagram only notifies the other person of the screenshot if the screenshot has been taken off the chat that is set to disappear after a certain time. BeReal and Snapchat are privacy bounded applications and they give a notification to the other person if a screenshot is taken. 

However, even on VSCO, under certain circumstances, you may get notified of the screenshot. If someone takes a screenshot of the profile or the app’s front page, it will pop up as a notification that ‘ Someone Screenshotted You!’ 

Can You See Who Screenshots Your VSCO?

The simple answer is No! You can’t find out about the person who took a screenshot of your pictures. VSCO doesn’t offer any features like Snapchat, BeReal, or Instagram which lets other people know that someone took a screenshot of their pictures. 

Can Someone See if You Screenshot Their VSCO?

The other person can’t also know if you screenshot their VSCO. No notification is given to the person if a screenshot is taken on VSCO. However, there are certain possibilities in which someone might think that the other person has taken a screenshot.

If you are in a group photo and the other person has posted that photo on VSCO and you follow them and posted the same picture on your VSCO, the other person might think that you have taken a screenshot of their image. To assume this way is the natural reaction to this situation because people in a group photo are expected to take a screenshot of that image.

If you post the picture after someone has posted it then the other person might think that you have taken a screenshot because they are the only one who posted that picture. The only way one cannot assume that you have taken a screenshot is if that picture originally belongs to you and you have had it first in your camera roll even though you posted it after them. Then nobody can claim that you have taken a screenshot. 

If you are in the picture with the other person and they never shared that picture with you before then the other person will definitely assume that you have taken a screenshot. 

If the post is old and they posted a long time ago, and you weren’t following each other at that time then they will not think that you took a screenshot of that picture. But if you knew about the picture then they would assume that you took a screenshot of that image. 

If you share a picture that they have posted on their VSCO then they’ll know you took a screenshot of that image. 

If someone tells them that you have taken a screenshot of their VSCO is the only and best way to know about the screenshot. It means you told someone closer to you that you took a screenshot and that person tells them about it. 

Can You Get Notifications Using Third Party Services?

So far, you won’t be able to find any application that will let you know about screenshots on this app. And as there is no backup for VSCO notifications, thus not any app can have access to this type of information.

If you find any application that claims to let you know about the screenshots, mind it, that application is a scam. VSCO doesn’t give information to any third-party application.

Does VSCO Notify When You Screen Record?

Not only for the screenshot, but VSCO doesn’t give any notification for screen recording as well. When you screen record anything on VSCO, the application will not save that video but that video will go to your gallery. If the app starts giving notifications, then no one will ever be able to record their favourite videos on VSCO. Screen recording is a way of keeping memories alive in the form of videos and images. However, you should know if the device you are using to screen record allows the sounds to be captured. 

If you don’t want people to screen record your pictures, you can make your account private or block the unnecessary people who you think might do a screen recording.

How to make a profile private on VSCO? You can’t make your profile private on VSCO so the only option you are left with is to block someone on VSCO. 

How to block someone on VSCO? If you don’t want anyone to get access to your VSCO account, just block them. Block the people by using the following steps: 

  • Tap on the profile of the user.
  • Click on the menu button and that will provide you with an options list.
  • Choose the block option and that’s it, the other person will be blocked.

How to unblock someone on VSCO?

  • If you want to unblock someone on VSCO, open their profile.
  • Click on the three dots menu.
  • Click on ‘Unblock’ on the menu. 
  • In the confirmation pop-up, tap “Unblock” again. 

What Does VSCO Send Notifications For?

VSCO sends notifications only when you comment, like, and follow someone on this app. VSCO gives notifications for these just to motivate others that someone showed interest in the profile by following them or liking their posts. 

The Notifications You Get on VSCO 

  • If someone likes the photo.
  • If someone comments on the photo.
  • If someone follows the other person.
  • How active you are on this application will determine the notifications you will receive. 

Recently, VSCO has added a feature in which you can select your favorite photo or video, and depending upon this the other person will be notified about how did you react to their posts. And on the basis of your reaction, the other person can determine whether to respond to your reaction or not.

How To Take Screenshots On VSCO?

For taking a screenshot on VSCO, you can choose two options on the basis of which you can take a screenshot. For this, you have to see the device that you are using. 

One way is that you open the picture and just directly tap the screenshot option given above on your device. And for the other way you have to follow the following steps. 

Open the picture that you want to save. 

Then hold the volume and power button simultaneously, and press and then leave the volume button.

You’ll hear the sound of the shutter and that’s it, your screenshot will be saved on your device. 

This screenshot will save to the gallery; thus, you don’t have to open the app to see your screenshot. Moreover, you will not be restricted to photos only for taking screenshots, you can take a screenshot of their statuses and stories too. 

Take a Picture Using Another Phone:

If you like any picture so much and you want to save it in your gallery why take a screenshot when you can take a picture using another phone? This is just another way of saving your favourite image to the gallery. 

What Happens When You Take A Screenshot On VSCO?

Nothing specific happens when you take a screenshot on VSCO. The screenshot goes directly to your camera roll.

However, if you want to save the photo on the VSCO, you have to click on the VIEW button, then tap on ‘View In Portfolio’. 

In case this link doesn’t work, try the following steps: 

  • Go to and get into VSCO account. 
  • After getting into your account, tap on the ‘My Portfolio’ option at top of the screen.
  • After that select the pictures that you want to save from the feed. 
  • Tap on the ‘Save’ option at the bottom of the page

If you are interested in deleting your screenshots from VSCO

  • Go to the settings.
  • Choose the photos and videos screenshot option.
  • And then click on delete to delete these screenshots.

You can also share these screenshots with your friends by adding a caption.

  • For doing this, first, you have to take a screenshot of the image on VSCO. 
  • After opening the image, click on the three horizontal lines menu button on the top left corner of the screen.
  • Choose “Share” from the menu and then select “Screenshot”.
  • After taking the screenshot, you will go to the new page, where you can edit this screenshot. You can add emojis and texts to your screenshot, put a filter on it, crop or resize the screenshot and then can share it.
  • After editing, select the option “Done” at the bottom of the screen and then choose “Post”. 

Will VSCO Notify’ When You Screenshot Eventually?

VSCO doesn’t have any feature that can notify the users if someone took a screenshot of their pictures. However, VSCO has a feature that prevents users from taking screenshots frequently. 

VSCO has an anti-screenshot tool that detects if someone took a screenshot of any photo and then blocks that person from taking any other screenshot within the next 30 minutes. This means that the app won’t allow you to take another screenshot within 30 minutes. 

There is only one way you can get to know if someone took a screenshot of the images that you uploaded but that requires so much time and energy. 

If you uploaded a group photo, then there might be a chance that members of that group photo will take a screenshot of that photo to keep the memory. If someone uploads your pictures from VSCO and you are sure that you haven’t shared that photo with them then you can encounter them for taking a screenshot because they have definitely taken a screenshot of that picture. 


Does VSCO notify screenshots? Well, we got a detailed answer to this question in this article with some additional knowledge that VSCO doesn’t notify screenshots. However, if you are someone who is more of a privacy-conscious person then try using any application other than VSCO. 

What happens when you take a screenshot of someone’s VSCO profile?

Nothing really happens if someone takes a screenshot of someone’s VSCO profile. It’s just like a regular screenshot that will be saved in your camera roll and that’s it. 

Is VSCO a free application and what is it for?

VSCO is an absolutely free photo-sharing application that works as a great photo editor too on both Android and iPhones. 

What are VSCO filters? 

Filters are an important part of VSCO. There are many amazing filters in this application and there is a huge variety of filters to choose from in this application. The most used filter of VSCO is A Golden Hour which gives very nice sunset vibes to your pictures.

How to delete a VSCO account?

In order to delete a VSCO account, all you have to do is to open the VSCO account and scroll all the way down to the page where it says “Delete Your Account” and then click on it. That’s it, your account will be deleted. 

How can you save photos on VSCO?

You can’t save photos directly on VSCO. You have to take a screenshot in order to save a picture.