What is a Single Use Restricted PS5?

PlayStation 5 is the most demanded gaming console in the world. Since it’s the latest one, buying this will be very difficult for you as you’ll always find it out of stock or you’ll find it at any marketplace being sold at a very high price. 

If you are confused about what is a single-use restricted PS5? And single-use restricted PS5 sales going on at Walmart, then here is a complete guide to make you understand. It’s a one-time purchase link provided by Walmart only for genuine buyers. This means that Walmart is providing this link for the users in order to sell the gaming console if their first order is cancelled. This is done so that only genuine buyers can buy the gaming console and all the scam purchases can be reduced. 

What Does Single Use Restricted PS5 Mean?

If you visit Walmart and you see that there is a restricted tag on PS5, it means you can only buy one unit account from Walmart. It means if you are interested in buying PS5 then Walmart will send you a purchasing link only if you are a genuine buyer. And you can use this link to buy the PS5 if your order ever gets cancelled or if that PS5 is shown as out of stock. 

This way of ordering things from Walmart is quite different from the normal way in which you have to add things to your cart and then check out. 

Why is Walmart Selling Single Use Restricted PS5?

Normally when buying things online from Walmart, you will add things to your cart and if it’s available you’ll be able to buy it otherwise not. However, with the availability of restricted PS5, genuine buyers can get a chance to buy it because of its high demand. 

This whole thing is done specifically to block many sellers who buy these consoles in high amounts immediately leaving no stock behind and then sell it in the market at very high prices. And all these sellers use different bots that clear out the stock before even giving a chance to any human to be able to buy the PS5 console. Bots are usually programmed to snap different items within seconds leaving no item behind so it becomes very difficult for humans to compete with these bots. In many situations, you’ll be adding things to your cart and bots will have cleared all the stock. Even sometimes, if someone checks out and the product doesn’t reach them because it was out of stock within minutes and this was happening many times.

So, with the help of a single-use restricted method, Walmart is able to restrict every account to buy only one unit of PS5.

  • Click on the view Cart
  • After I click on the View Cart, this will take me to the check-out page.
  • And this way I bought the console. 

What Can One Use The Single Use Restricted PS5 Purchase for?

This single-use restricted PS5 is enabled only to differentiate between bots and real buyers. This way the real buyers will also get a chance to buy their gaming console and not get overrun by the bots. 

This whole process slows down the purchase of bots as well providing the chance for the real buyers to not only place their orders but also check out their products. This one-time purchase link also ensures that you will be able to buy your gaming console without any complications.

However, people have confused regarding single-use restricted PS5 stocks. The PS5 stocks are similar no matter if you buy these consoles with a one-time purchase link or by the regular buying procedure. 

Why Are Vendors Using The Single Use Restricted PS5?

This PlayStation 5 was released during the pandemic and at that time there was a shortage of it globally. Resultantly, production slowed down and the PS5 was usually out of stock all the time even after it was stocked just a few minutes before. 

Keeping this situation in mind, many vendors started to buy all the items available instantly. This was usually being bought by the bots that the vendors set up and then they will sell these PlayStations at high prices on different marketplaces such as eBay. 

Where Can I Buy Them?

This single-use restricted PS5 offer was started by Walmart only so it means you can buy this only from Walmart. You can make an online purchase or get the single-use link to make your purchases. Since the stock is very less and the products clear out in no time so make sure you place your order immediately. 


Here is a detailed explanation of what is a single-use restricted PS5. Even though the PS5 gets out of stock every time no matter if you purchase it from Walmart too, at least Walmart gives a chance to regular buyers to get their hands on PS5 by enabling this single-use restricted PS5 offer. This way regular buyers can compete with the bots as the purchasing power of bots is slowed down a lot because of this. Now the PS5 won’t be out of stock until you reach the checkout time. Even if it gets out of stock then you will receive a one-time purchase link to get your order whenever you want. 

Is the single-use restricted PS5 different from the normal PS5?

Single-use restricted PS5 is just like a normal PS5. The restriction doesn’t mean that this PS5 is any different in its functions or in its use in any way from the regular PS5.

Can we order more than one PS5 from Walmart? 

That’s the whole idea behind restricted single-use PS5 you can only buy a single unit of PS5. But if your order gets cancelled or the product is out of stock you will receive a private link that will help you in purchasing the PS5. 

Why is the price of PS5 higher than the retail price at Walmart? 

The price is higher because the demand for the PS5 is so high and the supply is so low that it cannot meet the demand. And because of this situation, some people are willing to buy high amounts to buy the PS5. 

Is there a limit on PS5 Walmart? 

This single-use restricted PS5 offer restricts the buyers to buy one item per unit which means you can only buy one item of PS5 from Walmart.