How to Fix Kik Video Chat Not Working?

Kik is a popular app for chatting with friends and is considered to be one of the best free instant messaging apps available for Android or iOS. Through this app, users are able to communicate with their friends and family members via standard text messages, and even video calls. The video chat feature is one of the more recent additions to this app, and multiple users are experiencing the Kik video chat not working issue.

If you are using Kik and find that the video chat feature suddenly stops working, there are a few primary causes that can be responsible for this. In most cases, the problem can be traced back to either the internet connection or the app and data stored on your device. In this article, I am going to go over the most common solutions for fixing this issue in detail.

Why is Kik Video Chat Not Working?

The Kik video calls on your device might not be working for a variety of reasons such as:

  • Unstable internet connection.
  • Excessive app data or cache memory.
  • The old version of the app.
  • A technical glitch in the app.
  • The Kik server is down.
  • There is a bug in your device.
  • Other technical issues.

How to Fix Kik Video Chat Not Working?

Let’s go over the most effective and common fixes for getting Kik Video Chat to work again.

Check Internet Problems

You will need an internet connection to send and receive messages and make video calls, just like you do with most of your other apps. You may use either your home Wi-Fi connection or your mobile data for this purpose. Try using another app, like Instagram or another messaging app, that relies on the internet to verify that your connection is stable.

If it does not function as smoothly as it should, the problem is probably with your connection. In this situation, try taking your device offline and then back online again. Turning your wireless router off and on again may also help if this does not solve the problem.

Check Kik Server

There are a few things you can check to see if Kik Messenger is down. First, see if there are notifications about problems with the app on the official Kik website. You could also try searching for “Kik down” on social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter. If multiple people have encountered the same problem, Kik is probably down. 

If Kik isn’t working, you can also check the DownDetector website to see if there happen to have been any significant reports of it. If the Kik server is down, your only option is to wait it out until Kik fixes the problem and the app resumes operation.

Restart The App

If your internet connection and app servers are working perfectly fine, you should consider restarting the app as the next option. It’s possible that doing this will get the video feature working normally again.

You can restart your Kik app in the following ways:

For iOS devices

  • Open the Settings of your device and select General.
  • Then, open the Background App Refresh section.
  • You will be able to see every app that is running in the background on your device even if you aren’t using it.
  • Find the Kik app from the list and disable background processes by tapping the toggle button and sliding the switch to the off position.
  • You can now re-open the app after completing this to see if the issue has been resolved.

For Android Devices

  • Open the Settings of your Android device and select Apps.
  • Here you can find the Kik app and press the ‘Force stop‘ button, which is located in the app’s settings at the very bottom of your screen.
  • After this, you can try opening the app again to see if the problem has been fixed.

Restart Your Phone

You can try restarting your phone if the video chat isn’t functioning. The issue and a lot of other issues will be resolved once you reboot your device and launch the Kik app. The Kik captcha might also not function as it should because of a small bug in the app.

Additionally, restarting an iPhone or an Android device is simple. The Restart option can be accessed by tapping the power button on the top right side of your screen. You can turn it off and leave it off for a while before turning it back on.

Update The App

The next step is to look for available software updates in your app store. If the newest version of Kik is available on the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store, it should be downloaded and installed as soon as possible.

You should also set up your app store to update automatically whenever a new version of the underlying software is made available. Updating the app can solve various technical app issues including Kik Video Not Working and Kik Not Connecting issues. If you update the app and then restart your phone, you will be able to use the most recent version of the app.

Reinstall The App

If you have tried every method mentioned above but the problem is not resolved, you should delete the app from your device and install it again. This will eliminate all the errors, bugs, glitches, and technical issues in the app and you will be able to use it without any flaws. However, it may result in the loss of your personal data from the app that’s why this method should be used as a last resort.

For iOS

  • Tap on the Kik app from your home screen.
  • Then, a menu of options, including “Remove app,” will appear.
  • Click on that option to delete the app.
  • When you do that, a new set of options will become available. Selecting “Delete App” will confirm the app’s removal from your device.

For Android

  • Keep pressing the Kik app icon until the menu that includes an uninstall option appears.
  • Then, press the uninstall button to delete this app.

Once you have deleted this, wait for 5-10 minutes, go to App Store/Play Store, search for Kik, and select Install to once again install the application on your device.

Contact Kik Support

If the issue persists after trying all of the solutions, you can contact Kik’s customer support for assistance. First of all, Check out helpful resources by going to You will find some valuable information there.

Secondly, you can also send an email to Kik’s official customer support to resolve your issue from the Kik support team. For this purpose, send an email to and describe your issue in detail.

Why is there no video call on Kik?

There might be an internet connectivity issue with your device or the app servers are currently facing an outage in your region.

Does Kik still have video call?

Yes, Kik has recently added a less disruptive video chat facility for its 300 million or more registered users, with the ability to connect groups of up to six people, as an alternative to one-on-one video calls like WhatsApp calls, Facebook Messenger, and Apple’s FaceTime.