How to Fix Kik Not Connecting?

Kik Messenger is among the most widely used messaging apps today, with one million active users worldwide. Through this app, you can chat with your friends in groups or send direct messages to the people you like. The only difference between Kik and other instant messaging apps is that this platform allows you to join public groups. Recently, a large number of users have been complaining about an error called “Kik Not Connecting”.

This error shows up whenever a user tries to access the app on their device and prevents them from using it. This generally happens when your device is not connected to a reliable network connection. Incorrect date and time, corrupted files, bad cache files, and out-of-date software are some additional causes of these problems. You can use the detailed walkthrough guide provided below to fix this error with ease.

Why Does Kik keep saying “Not Connecting”?

Here are some possible reasons why Kik users face this or any other similar errors on the app:

  • No internet access.
  • Kik is down.
  • Full or corrupted cache and memory.
  • The date and time on the device are incorrect.
  • Corrupted app file.
  • The old version of the app.

How to Fix Kik Not Connecting?

Method # 1: Check the Internet

Running any social media application requires the active internet. So, you have to make sure the internet connection on your device is strong and stable. The Kik app will not open if your Wi-Fi signal is weak or unreliable. As a result, you will not be able to use the app’s features or run it smoothly.

If your internet speed is not up to the mark, you can switch to mobile data or change to a different Wi-Fi network. If it is not possible, you should at least restart your wifi router. The router can be restarted by pressing the tiny button next to the Ethernet port on the device’s backside.

Method # 2: Restart Your Device

Sometimes a “not working” problem is just a minor glitch brought on by other software, applications, or device. There is nothing in a smartphone or device that cannot be solved through a simple “restart”.

Restarting a device will refresh all device mechanisms and provides them with a clean slate. This results in fixing all technical issues in the device and completely frees up random access memory. 

In order to restart your device, hold down the power button and wait for options to appear on the screen. After that, simply choose the option of Restart. You can also turn off your device and power it on after a while.

Method # 3: Force Stop the App

Another better choice is to force close the Kik app if you notice that it isn’t functioning and you are stuck on that same screen.

  • First of all, go to the Settings section of your device.
  • Then, look through the menu for the “Apps” section.
  • Now, click on the Kik app by scrolling down.
  • After that, select “Force Stop” from the menu on the Kik app.
  • You might also need to click the confirm button.
  • When you confirm the operation, Kik will automatically close on your device.

After closing it, you should wait for a few minutes and then launch it again to see if the issue has been resolved.

Method # 4: Check Kik Server

You can check a few things to determine whether Kik Messenger is unavailable. First, check the official Kik website to see if there are any notices about issues with the app. Additionally, you might try looking up “Kik down” on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Kik is probably down if numerous users are reporting the same issue. 

You can also look at the DownDetector website to see if there have been any extensive reports of Kik not functioning. If the Kik server is down, you cannot do anything except wait and watch until Kik resolves the issue and the app starts functioning again.

Method # 5: Clear Cache Memory

When you frequently use any app on your device, cached data is saved on the device. Normally, Kik uses a cache to enhance mobile performance and user experience. However, If the cache size exceeds the storage capacity of the mobile device, the App will shut down automatically. Excessive or corrupted cache data can also create various problems in the app such as Kik Captcha Not Loading issue. 

When your Android smartphone’s storage is full, this is the main cause of the Kik app’s cache becoming corrupted. In this case, you should immediately clear the cache data and memory of your device in the following manner:

  • Open the settings of your device.
  • Then, locate “Kik” in the list of “Apps” by searching for them in the settings menu.
  • Now, select “Storage” from the “Kik” menu.
  • After that, click on “Clear Cache” and see if the app starts working properly.

Method # 6: Delete and Reinstall The App

If you have tried everything but you are still unable to use the app, you should uninstall and reinstall the app as a last resort. 

To remove an app from your Android phone, tap and hold it until the Uninstall option appears at the top of the screen.

For iPhone: Squeeze and grab the Kik app, then select Delete App from the small pop-up menu. The app will be deleted from your device.

After uninstalling the app, you should wait for 10-15 minutes and then install it again from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Hopefully, all the errors and issues will be fixed after reinstalling the app.

Method # 7: Contact Kik Support

If you are still experiencing problems with the app even after attempting the previously mentioned steps, you can get in touch with Kik’s customer support team for more help. They might be able to assist you in finding a solution because the problem is only with your Kik account and has nothing to do with your device or app.

Final Words

If you are unable to access the Kik app on your device due to any technical issue or any other reason, you should first check and ensure that your device is connected to an active internet connection. Secondly, you should check if the Kik server is down and if they are down you should wait until they are fixed by the developer.

If the issue persists, you should update the app, restart the app, restart your device, clear the app cache, and reinstall the app in order to resolve all the technical issues of the app and device.

If you are still unable to access the app after applying all the above-mentioned methods, it means there’s something wrong with your Kik account. In that case, you have to get in touch with the support team of the app. 

Why is the Kik app not working?

Kik may not work properly due to unidentified errors and bugs in the app, that’s the main reason why developer regularly releases updated versions. You should keep updating the app frequently to avoid these problems.

Why is Kik not getting messages?

When using a data connection, you might not be getting notifications because of a feature known as Data Saver. You should turn this feature off from your device to receive messages on this app.