Kik Captcha Not Loading? Here’s How to Fix it!

Kik is among the most widely used apps for young users around the world. You can find young users of several age groups on this social media platform. Most importantly, it has an exceptional number of users from the United States. It includes plenty of cool and exclusive features which is one of the reasons for its popularity. However, the users of this platform are facing a common problem of “Kik Captcha Not Loading” which can be resolved in a few simple ways.

The Kik app is available for all users worldwide for free and anyone can signup for this platform. However, while signing up, you have to pass a captcha verification in order to prove that you are a human. This verification process is used to prevent any bots to use this platform. 

What is meant by Kik Capchta?

Completely Automated Public Turing Test To Tell Computers and Humans Apart is the full name of CAPTCHA. With its help, we can distinguish between genuine users and robotic users like bots. Captcha is utilized to maintain poll integrity, restrict service registration, stop ticker inflation, and stop fake comments.

Not just on the Kik app, I can assure you that captcha verification is now present almost everywhere. Kik currently uses a mini-app called “FunCaptcha,” which asks you to flip an image so the animal inside stands straight up. 

An illustration of an animal is shown to you. Your task is to flip that picture so the animal is standing straight up. The animal is typically surrounded by a random collection of other images, making it impossible for a machine to recognize it because this is meant to confuse bots. If you see the picture, twist it with your finger on one side until the animal is placed upright. You should then proceed to the following step after the Captcha has finished.

Why is Kik Captcha Not Loading?

If you are trying to create a new account on Kik but the captcha is not even loading, there might be the following reasons responsible for it:

  • No internet Access.
  • Kik is down.
  • The app cache is full.
  • Bugs in the app.
  • Outdated version of the app.

How to Fix The Kik Captcha Loading Issue?

You can use the following methods to fix the captcha verification problem on this app:

Method # 1: Force Stop and Restart the App

If the captcha is not loading you should first try refreshing the app. If the problem still persists, you should force-stop the app and start it again.

To force stop the Kik app, minimize it and clear the task (End task), then relaunch the app on your device, sign up again, and see if the issue has been resolved. If it is not resolved, try the next method.

Method # 2: Check Your Internet

Sometimes this problem is caused by a poor or non-existent internet connection. So, you have to make sure that your phone is connected to a stable internet connection. Check to see if other apps on your phone are functional. If not, you will need to contact your Internet Service Provider to resolve the issue.

Method # 3: Update the App

The latest version of the Kik app requires iOS 10 (or above) and Android 7.0 (or above) in order to run on iOS and Android devices. You should use a compatible device to use this app on your mobile phone. If you are already using a compatible version, you also have to keep updating the app. The latest updates of these apps can fix the bugs of the previous versions and provide updated features in the app.

Method # 4: Clear App Cache

Clearing the cache of the Kik app can also resolve this issue among plenty of others. You can clear the cache from the Kik app by using the following simple procedure given below:

  • Open the settings of your device and go to “Apps and Notifications”.
  • Then, select “Apps” and search for the Kik app.
  • Now, click on Kik and open the Storage option.
  • After that, Tap on Clear Cache and Clear Data in order to clear the cache of your app.

Method # 5: Reinstall the App

If after trying everything the Kik captcha still does not work, you should delete this app from your device and install it again. The process of removing apps from an Android or iPhone is very similar. 

Drag and drop the app to remove it from your Android device by tapping and holding it until the Uninstall option appears at the top.

On an iPhone, hold down the Kik app while tapping the Delete App option from the small pop-up menu.

After deleting the app from your device, you must wait for about three minutes, restart your device, and then reinstall the app. After that, the verification captcha will work perfectly on the Kik app.

Final Thoughts

If you are unable to access the verification captcha on the Kik app while signing up, you should refresh the app and wait for 5-10 minutes before trying again. If the problem persists, you can try restarting the app, updating the app, clearing the cache of the app, and reinstalling the app. After trying all the above-mentioned techniques, the verification captcha will work perfectly on your app.


Why my Kik app is not working?

There is a problem with your internet service provider or there is a bug in the app. Other significant factors include the older version of the app, a Kik server outage, etc.

How can I verify the Kik Monkey Puzzle?

You can easily verify the monkey puzzle on Kik by By holding and rotating the monkey until it is standing up straight.