How to Poke on Facebook 2024

Do you recall the days when poking your Facebook friends was trendy and fashionable? On Facebook, “poke” was among the popular features. The ability to poke someone on Facebook is currently so covered up that users have trouble finding it. Due to the feature’s declining popularity and rumors of its replacement, poking is now a thing of the past. However, you can still poke your friends, and if you want to how to Poke on Facebook in 2023, I got you covered.

The “Poke” feature is not prominently displayed on FB now like it was in the past. After 2011, people stopped using this feature as much. People started to misuse it and plenty of users considered it useless. Some people didn’t like it and thought it interfered with the way of normal life. Because of this, Facebook eventually took the “poke” feature off people’s pages. But there is still a way to use Facebook’s Poke feature. It’s only a little bit harder to access.

What is Poking?

Poking on Facebook is a way for one user to get another user’s attention. When you poke someone, they will get a message telling them that they were just poked. But the notification doesn’t tell the user anything else about why they were poked.

At first, poking was a way for Facebook users to say hello or let someone know they were thinking about them. But over time, the feature got less popular, and now many people don’t know what it’s used for.

How to Poke on Facebook?

Poking on Facebook is very simple; all you have to do is visit the Facebook Poke page and send a poke to any of your friends. 

Users of desktop computers can follow these instructions to learn how to poke on Facebook:

  • Log into your Facebook account by entering your credentials.
  • The search bar is located on the upper-left side of the home screen. Simply click it and search for “pokes.”
  • When you press enter, the search results for the word “Pokes” will appear.
  • Then, Facebook will take you to a page on which you will find a list of friends to whom you can send a poke.
  • The record of friends who have already poked you will also be visible to you. Such friends are ‘poke-backable. When you “poke back,” the appropriate friends are immediately notified. 
  • When you poke someone, they have the choice to poke you back as well.

How to Poke Someone on Facebook Through Mobile?

To poke someone on Facebook using a smartphone, follow these steps:

  • Log in to Facebook on your smartphone.
  • On the top right of the home screen, a magnifying glass icon (or search bar) can now be found. Simply click it and write “pokes.”
  • A Facebook shortcut called “Pokes” can be found in the list of results. When you choose it, a list of your friends who previously poked you will appear.
  • You have the option of poking new friends in the list below or poking them back.

What Happens When You Poke Someone?

After you’ve poked a friend, they’ll receive a notification and have the option to “Poke you back,” but you can’t poke them again unless they have poked you back or removed your poke. In addition, you will not be able to recover a deleted poke from your pokes page.

Is a Facebook “Poke” Considered Flirtatious?

On Facebook, poking does not always indicate flirting. It can serve as a straightforward greeting, an icebreaker, or a polite nudge. A Facebook user can be “poked” to remind them to get back to Facebook if they haven’t done so in a while. Poking at someone is another subtle way to say hello. The reason for the poke is what matters most.

How to Respond to Someone’s Facebook Poke?

You can view the name of the person who poked you on the same pokes page. You will be directed to this page by every Facebook notification relating to a poke. If you poke them first, you can check to see if they poke back. If anyone has poked you for the first time you can simply poke back if you want to. You can also maintain “Poke Streaks” with your friends which is a new trend on Fb. 

Final Words

Poking on Facebook was very popular back then but Facebook hide this feature because of its declining popularity with time. It can be used to greet Facebook friends. Additionally, poke offers an excellent way to break the ice and get you started talking to friends. In this article, I have explained how can you still Poke someone on Facebook using the new method. I sincerely hope it was useful to you; please let me know what you think in the comments section below.

Does Facebook poke still exist?

Pokes on Facebook are still accessible, but they no longer appear at the very top of the feed. Instead, you have to go to the Pokes page by using the search bar of Facebook.

Why did Facebook remove Poke?

After a failed comeback in 2017, The Poke was downgraded to a link hidden in the features sidebar on the website and the app menu, and eventually, it disappeared from the newsfeed.