Can You Facetime Someone Who Blocked You?

If you have been FaceTiming someone but now it’s not going well and you are confused about whether that person has blocked you or not, then don’t worry. After reading this article you will certainly find out the answer to the question “Can You Facetime Someone Who Blocked You?” and some other related queries about Facetime and blocking.

Can You Facetime Someone Who Blocked You?

The simple and quick answer to this question is “No” because you technically cannot Facetime a person who has blocked you. No matter how many times you try, the phone will always keep ringing and he/she will never find out that you are “trying” to Facetime him/her. So, it is certain that you cannot ever Facetime a person who blocked you.

How Many Times Does It Ring When You are Blocked?

Facetime will ring forever if you are blocked by somebody and it will never stop after a certain number of ringings. As long as you stop it by yourself, it will never stop ringing. However, the only way to reach that person is to use third-party apps like Whatsapp, Facebook, or Instagram.

Can I Block Somebody Just on Facetime?

If you block somebody on your iPhone, it means you have blocked him/her from messages, calls, and Facetime simultaneously. It does not have the option of blocking somebody specifically on Facetime. After being blocked by you, that person will never be able to message, call, or Facetime you because the block button on iPhone, solely works for all apps of Apple.

What Happens When You Block Somebody?

When you block somebody on your iPhone, that person, he/she never gets to know about that because for him/her everything seems normal. The messages keep going, and the phone keeps ringing but you will never receive those messages and calls from that person in your life (unless he/she contacts you through third-party apps like Whatsapp, Facebook, etc). 

Text Messages Disappear

The messages sent by a blocked person never reach you but from their end, it will show that their messages have been sent. However, you cannot reply to the person and see their messages again after blocking them.

Calls to The Voicemail

Calls from the blocked person will go directly to the voicemail of your Phone and on their end, it will seem like your phone is currently powered off. However, this clue is enough to find out if somebody has blocked you that you will never find their number turned on. 

If you want to hear their voice messages you can check them from the “Blocked Messages” section of your Voicemail.

Facetime Keeps Ringing forever

If the blocked person wants to Facetime you, he/she will only be able to see the “ringing” text on their screen which will never reach you. Even if the blocked person tried to Facetime you thousands of times, he/she will only see the option of ringing the phone.

How to Block Somebody on Facetime?

First of all, you should know that if you block somebody on Facetime, that person will never be able to contact you even through messages or voice calls. However, if you are being harassed by somebody or want to block a person for any other reason, you can use the following method to do so.

  • Click on the “I” button displayed on the Facetime, voice call, or message notification.
  • Then, look for the option of “block” by scrolling down.
  • Now, confirm your action of blocking that person. After that, he/she will never be able to contact you.

How would I know If I am blocked by Somebody?

What Happens When You Try to Facetime a Person Who Blocked you?

The first and foremost way to check if you have a doubt about being blocked by somebody is to try Facetime. When you Facetime somebody and the phone keeps on ringing every time for hours, it means that you are blocked by that particular person. If you want to be sure about it, you should try it for some weeks, and if nothing goes well, then it’s certain that you are blocked.

Can I Message Somebody Who Has Blocked Me?

When somebody has blocked you, you will be able to send him/her text messages normally but you will never get a delivery confirmation of these messages. Messages will be shown up as sent, but delivery would not be confirmed ever. That’s the second clue that shows that you are blocked by a specific person.

No Response to Calls

If somebody has blocked you, you will notice that his/her number is powered off every time you try to call him/her. That’s the most significant sign that this person has blocked you because you will find his/her number powered off forever.

My Phone Does Not Ring but Facetime Rings, What does it Mean?

If you cannot contact somebody through a call and it always seems like his/her number is powered off but you can see the option of ringing when you try to Facetime him/her then it is possible that you are blocked by that person. Because when you are blocked, your call goes straight to their voicemail box and it looks like they have switched off their phone number. Moreover, when you try to contact them through Facetime it shows ringing until you disconnect the Facetime call by yourself.

Facetime Unavailable, What Does That Mean?

Sometimes it happens when you Facetime somebody and it shows “Facetime Unavailable” after a few rings. It means that your desired person either does not have a supported device for the Facetime feature or he/she has turned off the Facetime on the device. The Facetime feature is only available on Apple (iOS) devices and you can also turn it off on your iOS device if you don’t feel like using it.

How to Turn on Facetime on iOS Devices?

If you want to turn on the Facetime feature on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch device, follow the simple steps given below:

  1. Open the settings of your device and look for “Facetime”.
  2. Then, you can “turn on” Facetime with a single tap.
  3. Now, open the Facetime app on your device and Log in using your Apple ID.
  4.  iPhone users don’t have to provide their Apple ID as they will be automatically registered through their phone number.
  5. If you using another iOS device, go to the settings of the Facetime app and click on “Use your Apple ID” in order to complete the registration.

Facetime is Unavailable After One Ring, What Does That Mean?

If Facetime is unavailable after one ring, it means either there is a network problem with the person you are trying to contact or he/she has declined your call. If there is a poor, bad, or no network available then, then Facetime will show the unavailable sign after one ring. Similarly, if somebody declines your call after one ring, you will see the same unavailable sign in this case as well.

How Would I Know If Somebody Is Ignoring Me on Facetime?

If the person has blocked you permanently, you will never see the message of “Facetime unavailable” while calling him/her. However, if a person is ignoring your Facetime calls you will frequently see the “Facetime unavailable” message when he/she declines or refuses your call. 

How Can I Facetime Somebody Who Blocked Me?

There is no way to contact him/her by using the same phone number but you can try using a masked number or by using another phone number to Facetime that person. Or You can contact him/her through other third-party applications.

How to Call With a Masked Number?

If you want to make a call by using a masked number, you can use the simple method stated below:

  • Write “67” before the number of that person and dial that number.
  • It will result in starting a private call without showing your number on the screen of the recipient’s phone.
  • If the person accepts the call, you can talk to him/her without any issues.

However, If your call goes ringing like a normal call this time it means your number is blocked as you can’t call him/her through your number when you are blocked. If this call goes directly to the Voicemail just like your normal calls, then it means the number you are trying to reach is genuinely powered off.

Final Thoughts

In this article, we found the reasons and answers to the question “Can You Facetime Someone Who Blocked You? In Concluding thoughts we can say that whenever you see a “Facetime Unavailable” message on your screen while trying to Facetime somebody, you should make sure that your device has a good internet connection. After making sure that you are well-connected with the internet, you can try plenty of strategies mentioned above in the article to speculate if somebody has blocked you or not. However, if you cannot contact someone through Facetime even after trying very hard, it means you have been blocked by that person and you will not be able to Facetime him/her in the future.