What Does Recents Mean On Snapchat?

Snapchat is a great way of building conversations among friends and making your friends’ chats easily available for you, you can see your friends’ conversations on the very top. 

People who are avid users of Snapchat might get confused about the ‘Recents’ feature, so what does Recents mean on Snapchat? Recent is actually a list of people with whom you have recently interacted and communicated on Snapchat. Recent also refers to your friends with whom you’ve had chat recently or the group of people who you’ve added to the app. Sometimes there are those people available in your ‘Recents’ list with whom you have talked at some point during your usage of Snapchat. 

Let’s get to know about the ‘Recents on Snapchat’ in more detail with a complete guide on how to remove friends from your Recents as well.

Recents On Snapchat:

Snapchat has a way of keeping an account of the people with whom you had a conversation. It includes snaps, chats, and stories. The people you talk to most will appear at top of your list. In this list, there will be names of the people with whom you haven’t interacted in a while but talked to them at some point. However, their names will not appear at top of the list. 

This ‘Recents’ list will also help you in staying up to date if any new friend has added you on Snapchat or if you haven’t opened any Snap from your friends. Moreover, if anyone unfriends you on Snapchat, their names will also appear on this list.

Why Is Someone In My Recents On Snapchat?

Due to different reasons, you see someone’s name appear in your Recent list on Snapchat. 

If someone removes you from their friend list, that is the reason why their names have appeared in your Recents. This way you can get to know who unfriended you on Snapchat. 

Someone’s name will also appear in your Recents if they have added you to their friend list or accepted you.

If Someone Removed You From Recents, Check Their Snap Score:

If you are not sure whether someone has actually removed you or not, just tap on their profile and check if their snap score is visible to you or not. If it’s not visible, it means they have unfriended you.

Other Reasons Why Someone is Showing Up in Your Recents:

There are many other reasons why someone is showing up in your Snapchat Recents even if you haven’t talked in a while.

You Guys Added Each Other Back Recently: If someone has added you recently on Snapchat or accepted your request, this might be the reason for them showing up in your Recents. 

The Other Person Has Unfriended You: If someone has unfriended you on Snapchat recently, they will also appear in your Recents. This means they have removed you from the friend list and thus you can’t see their Snap score. 

The Other Person Replied To Your Story: If someone replies to your story, they will appear on top of your Recents list. Snapchat will show the people who have recently replied to your stories. 

If You Guys Haven’t Spoken In a Long Time: If you see someone’s name appear in your Recents and you are wondering why their name is appearing on the top of the list even if you haven’t had a chat in a long time, that’s because Snapchat makes people appear in your Recents list if you don’t talk with anyone for a long time. 

If The Other Person Has Sent You A Message And Deleted It: Sometimes someone’s name may appear in your Recent list because they sent you a message but deleted it. It will still appear to you as a blue chat and when you will open it Snapchat will let you know that the message has been erased. 

You Open Their Snap and Send Them Something Accidentally: Sometimes when you are using Snapchat, you may accidentally touch the wrong option and open a chat and send something and you may forget about it completely. And when the next day their name appeared on top of your screen you don’t remember that at all. This might also be a possibility. 

Snapchat is lagging: Sometimes, your Snapchat application may be lagging and because of this you can face many malfunctioning in your app. It means many things are happening on your Snapchat that are not supposed to happen. In that case, you can wait for Snapchat to remove your issue or just update the app.

How To Clear Recents On Snapchat:

If you don’t want someone’s name to appear on top of your Recent list, you can simply delete the conversation on the recent list. In this way, you can remove anyone’s name from your Recents list on Snapchat. 

  • To remove the conversation on Snapchat: 
  • Open the application.
  • Click your Bitmoji on the top left corner of the screen.
  • Select your account Settings in the top right corner.
  • In the settings, scroll all the way down to Account Actions.
  • Select your account Settings in the top right corner. In the settings, scroll all the way down to Account Actions.
  • In this section, you have to choose ‘Clear Conversation’.
  • This way you can remove anyone’s chat on Snapchat. 

What If The Recent List Is Wrong On Snapchat?

The list might not be wrong but if it’s wrong let’s have a look at the following possibilities. 

Snapchat server might be down: If you haven’t had a chat with anyone and if someone hasn’t removed you on Snapchat then it means there was a Snapchat glitch and that might happen when the Snapchat server is down.

Reset network settings: Another reason if someone is appearing in your recent list is that there is a network issue and you have to reset it by going into the network settings. 

Update Snapchat: If the issue is still not resolved, update the Snapchat app if the update is available. Because if the update is available for Snapchat, then there might be an issue with the version that you are currently using. 

Delete and Reinstall the App: The last step that you can do to resolve the issue is to delete the app and reinstall it. This way your app will be refreshed and issues will be resolved. 


If you see names appear in your Recent list on Snapchat, without worrying, just follow the complete guide and you can understand the reason behind what Recents mean on Snapchat. And you can remove the names that appear in your Recents with the help of the process explained above. 

How does someone disappear from the Recents on Snapchat? 

If someone disappears from your recent list on Snapchat, it’s because they have blocked you or removed you from their friend list. 

Why is there someone on my Recents list when I haven’t even had a conversation with them in a long time?

This might be happening because they are constantly checking your profile and your activities.