What Does WTM Mean in Text? WTM Meaning Explained

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When someone sends you a text message with the abbreviation “LOL,” you know they are laughing out loud. If they text you “TTYL,” you know they’re done talking for now and will “Talk To You Later.” but what do you know the WTM Meaning in Text? If you are also wondering what that really means, then don’t worry after reading this article you will be familiar with the meaning of WTM.

People frequently have trouble understanding the meanings behind the numerous different acronyms that are used on social media and in other contexts. This is due to the fact that the individual letters that make up an acronym may stand for a wide variety of meanings. Similarly, the WTM is used for two abbreviations i.e What’s the Matter? And What’s the Move?

What’s the Matter?

What’s the Matter

Normally, the WTM is used to say “What’s the Matter?”. It is commonly used to ask someone Are you okay? If someone is behaving in a strange manner. This is the most-used and basic abbreviation of WTM.


A: How are you?
B: I am So Tired!
A: What happened? WTM?

What’s the Move?

WTM is also used to say What’s the Move? You can ask your friends about what’s going on with “WTM.” When you say it this way, it sounds like you want to connect and have some fun, but you don’t have anything specific in mind. 


A: What are doing tonight?
B: Nothing. WTM?
A: Let’s go to a party.

Whatever That Means

Whatever That Means

WTM is also used to say “Whatever that means”. In this situation, it is not a question but a sarcastic comment as we say “What the heck are you talking about?”. Moreover, it can also be used to show an inability to understand anything.


A: He is really a nerd.
B: Why?
A: He used the term “Flabbergasted” LOL WTM.

WTM Meaning in Text

Mostly, the WTM is meant for “What’s the Matter?” when it comes to texting. If you have received a text which includes “WTM” in it, the sender is most likely trying to ask what’s the matter. Moreover, if you want to ask the same of someone, you can simply use “WTM” and the recipient will understand your meaning as it is a commonly used term in Text messages.

WTM Meaning on Social Media

On social media, especially on Snapchat, if you receive a message from your friend which includes WTM, it means he/she is trying to ask “What’s the move?”. While visiting your recents on Snapchat, you may wonder what your friend is trying to say by writing WTM in the message (if you are a new user ) because WTM is a commonly used term on Snapchat for asking “What’s the move” from friends.

How Should I respond to WTM?

How Should I respond to WTM

First of all, you should read the text/message and evaluate what the sender is trying to say after evaluating you can respond to it in the following ways:

  • When someone asks you, “What’s the matter?”, they are making an effort to assist you and lend their support to you. So, even if you are doing well, you should respond and explain it to them in a courteous way. When someone asks, “What’s the move?”
  • They are enquiring about your forthcoming plans and location, etc. So, you can respond by telling him/her your plans and stuff you are going to do.

What's the move

  • If someone is really confused and clueless about anything and sends you a msg regarding it with the “WTM” word. You should help him/her out by explaining things he/she is unable to understand. For Example, If a friend texts you “She said she is agnostic WTM” then you should reply “She means she neither denies nor accepts the existence of God”.

She said she is agnostic WTM

She said she is agnostic WTM

Other Abbreviations for WTM

  • World Travel Market – An annual global exhibition focused on tourism and travel that takes place in The UK.
  • Windows Task Manager – Just before the tool was renamed as Microsoft Task Manager, those working in the computer development industry referred to Windows Task Manager as WTM.
  • Winner Takes Most – It is a term used in business that refers to the situation where a number of leaders or companies in a market end up making the majority of the money but not all of it.
  • World Transformation Movement – It is an organization based in Sydney with the mission of bringing about individual and societal change by having a different view on the human condition.
  • Women To Man – Referring to a person who has already transitioned from their identified female sex to a male or who plans to do so in the near future; this term has become less common in recent years due to the increased use of female-to-male or FTM or as an alternative.
  • Web Traffic Monitor – It is software that examines and studies web traffic on a particular website or on the entire internet.
  • Write Tape Mark – It is a term used in the tech industry to describe the procedure of data recording on tape storage systems.

Final Thoughts

“What’s the matter” is mostly used as WTM meaning in text and it is used to ask about your emotional status or health. In addition, the users of social media (especially Snapchat) use the term “WTM” for asking about plans and hanging out schedules with their friends (which is abbreviated as “What’s the move”). Aside from these meanings, it is also used to say “Whatever that means” to comment in a sarcastic way or in a situation where a person does not understand what is being said.

While texting a friend, is it appropriate to use the WTM acronym?

Yes, WTM is an acronym that can be used informally. However, you have to make sure that your friend understands what you mean.

What is the meaning of WTM on Snapchat?

For social media conversations, WTM stands for “What’s the Move?”. It is a straightforward way to ask someone about a party on the Snapchat app.
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