Why is My TikTok Not Working? 10 Effective Ways to Fix it!

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TikTok is currently among the most prominent social media platforms. However, just like any other platform or app, it is likely to encounter technical difficulties occasionally. So, if you are worried about any issue in your TikTok app and constantly searching on the internet, Why is My TikTok Not Working? Take a deep breath and relax. I will provide you with step-by-step guides to fix this issue no matter if it is related to the TikTok app, your account, your device, or your internet connection.

Why is My TikTok Not Working?

First, let’s take a look at the possible reasons which are responsible for the “TikTok not working” issue. Here are some common reasons why the TikTok app does not work properly:

  1. No Internet Access.
  2. The glitch in the App.
  3. TikTok Server Problem.
  4. TikTok is Restricted in your Region.
  5. Your Device is not working properly.
  6. Problem with your TikTok account.
  7. Older Version of App.
  8. Not Enough Internal Storage. 

In addition to these problems, there could be other issues with your TikTok app, account, or device. No matter what the issue is, you can fix this “not working” problem of your TikTok app by using the below-mentioned techniques without any hassle.

Method # 1: Check Your Internet Connection

Check Your Internet Connection

The first and foremost thing to do is to check your internet connection while facing this issue. No internet, slow internet, or data saver mode can be the reason for many app-related issues such as Snapchat Loading Picture Problem. However, you can solve the internet problem by making sure that your device is connected to a strong internet connection. Moreover, you can also turn off the Data saver mode from your devices by using the following steps:

For Android Device

  • Open the settings of the device and tap on “Connections” or “Internet Settings”.
  • Then, select the option of Data Usage.
  • In this tab, you will find the “Data Saver” or “Data Saving Mode”.
  • If it is turned on, then click on it and turn it off.

For iOS Device

  • Open the settings of the iOS device and tap on “Cellular”.
  • Then, select Cellular Data Options and see if it is turned on.
  • If it is “on” then tap on it and simply turn it off.

Method # 2: Update the TikTok App

 Update the TikTok App

Sometimes when we keep using the older version of any app and don’t update it, numerous problems occur due to unresolved bugs and glitches. This can cause plenty of problems in the TikTok app like the TikTok Comments Issue. So, the only solution to fix the problems caused by an older version of the app is to update the app.

If you are an Android user, go to the Google Play Store, search for “TikTok” and click on the Update button. However, iOS users can also update the Tiktok app similarly by going to the Apple App Store. After the Update, your TikTok app will work properly (if the issue was occurring due to the older version of the app).

Method # 3: Clean Internal Storage (Device)

TikTok is an app that streams videos, so it is certain that it requires a significant amount of internal storage space in order to work properly.  Therefore, if your device storage is full, this is probably the reason why your TikTok is not functioning properly. The solution is to free up some space in the internal storage area.

Clean Internal Storage (Device)

Android users can free up space from internal storage by going to Settings>Storage and then the option of “Clear Internal Storage”. However, iOS users can clean up space by going to Settings>General>iPhone Storage and then “Clear Space”.

Method # 4: Clean App Data & Cache

In most cases, resolving any issues with the lagging, crashes, or freezing of the app can be solved by clearing the cache and data of the App. Follow the simple procedure to clear cache/data from your TikTok app:

  • Open the TikTok app and click on your profile.
  • From the profile, press the icon that looks like “three lines” located at the top-right side of your screen.

TikTok app and click on your profile

  • Then, select the option of “Settings and Privacy”.

  • Now, look for the option of “Free up space” by scrolling down and then clicking on it to proceed.

  • After that, click on the “Clear” button from the next page and all cache/data will be removed from your app.

Free up space

Method # 5: Check if TikTok is Operational or Down

If the TikTok server is currently down, the TikTok app will not work properly on any device. You can check and confirm with your friends or other people to see if the TikTok server is down currently. If it is down, you should wait until the team of TikTok resolves the issue. It may take a few hours to be resolved if there is some major issue in the server.

Method # 6: Force Stop The App

If the TikTok app is still not functioning properly, try you should “Force Stop” your TikTok application and start it again to resolve any glitches in the app. You can follow the following process to force stop the TikTok app on your device:

For Android Device

  • Open the Settings of your Android device and click on “Apps & Notifications”.
  • Then, click on the option of “App info” and find “TikTok” from the list of apps.
  • Now, click on the option of Force Stop.

For iOS Device

  • Open the Settings of your iOS device and click on “General”.
  • Then, click on the option of “Background App Refresh” and look for the “TikTok” app.
  • Now, turn off background usage of the TikTok app.

After that, you can restart the TikTok app on your device to see if the issue is resolved.

Method # 7: Restart The Device

Restarting a device can solve numerous technical issues with the app and device. No matter if there is a bug in the app or your RAM is overloaded, you can fix thousands of issues simultaneously by simply restarting your device. This process can be completed in less than two minutes. You just have to press the Power button of your device and click on the option of “Restart” and you are good to go.

Method # 8: Use VPN

If the TikTok app is restricted in your region due to any government policy, then, you will not be able to use TikTok without VPN. So in this situation, the only way to use TikTok on your device is to use a Virtual Private Network. You should subscribe to a good VPN service and set your location to any region where TikTok is not banned. After that, TikTok will work perfectly on your device.

Method # 9: Re-install The App

After trying all of the above-mentioned methods, if the problem is still not resolved then it seems like there is a problem in your app. The only solution left to fix this app issue is to uninstall the app from your device and then install it again. In order to uninstall the app, press the TikTok app icon and hold for a while. If you are using an Android device, you will see an option of “Uninstall” and if you are using an iOS device, the option of “Delete” will be visible to you. Press Uninstall and Delete options on your Android and iOS device respectively to remove the app. After that, you can install the app again from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and the “TikTok Not Working” problem will be solved permanently from your device.

Method # 10: Contact the Support Community of TikTok

If the problem still exists, it means that there is something wrong with your TikTok account. You can contact the Support community of TikTok to fix the issue in your TikTok account. For this purpose, follow the instructions provided below:

  • Open the app and go to your TikTok profile.
  • Then, click on the icon of “three lines” located at the top-right side of the screen.
  • Now, select the option of “Settings and Privacy”.
  • Click on the option of “Report a problem” and choose any topic.
  • To submit the issue, follow the instructions that are provided in the app.

If your problem is solved after taking the steps mentioned by TikTok support you can tap on “Yes” in response to the question “Is your problem resolved?”. However, if the problem is not solved, then click on “No” and then click “Still have a problem” to get in touch with the Support community so they can provide some additional information regarding your issue.

Final Thoughts

Why is My TikTok Not Working? It is a frequent query that a number of TikTok users occasionally have. I have provided all the possible reasons behind this issue with the TikTok app and the most effective methods to fix it. In a nutshell, I can say that if you are having trouble with TikTok, you should, restart your device, restart the app, update the app, use a strong internet connection, and clear the cache of your TikTok app. In most cases, these simple techniques will eliminate the TikTok Not Working issue from your device and app.

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