Twitter Notification Won’t Go Away? Let’s Fix Them Once and For All!

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Every other Twitter user is annoyed with its notifications problem and finding a way to get rid of it. Even if you open and read all the received notifications on Twitter, the Twitter Notification Won’t Go Away and the app keeps telling you that you have some unread notifications. 

In most cases, the primary cause of this issue is inadequate settings of the device. However, other reasons may include third-party applications, weak internet connection, and flawed servers. Because there are a lot of factors to think about, we have decided to make a straightforward guide to help you fix this problem in a simple way. Moreover, if you are facing the same issue in your Facebook app, you can fix it by reading How to fix The Facebook Notification Issue from our previous post.

Possible Reasons For Persistent Notifications on Twitter

  1. Unread Messages – Sometimes it happens that we don’t check all of our notifications and our old unread notification becomes the reason that Twitter keeps showing notifications. Your Twitter messages are displayed in reverse logical order from the newest to the oldest when they arrive. So, you have to scroll down and check all old notifications from your Twitter app.
  2. Weak Internet Connection – Your inconsistent internet connection is the most prominent reason behind the failure of your Twitter notifications to function properly. Your notifications will not load immediately while using a weak internet connection so you have to be patient in that case.
  3. Message Requests – If someone isn’t already following you on Twitter, they can’t send you a message directly. So, you get a “message request” with their message. In other words, the request is made via messages, and you have the option of accepting it there before actually beginning the conversation.
  4. Downtime for the Twitter Server – It is possible that Twitter’s server is down, especially if it is undergoing maintenance or if it is experiencing a high load. Therefore, it’s possible that your notifications won’t work.
  5. Bug in the App – Bugs are not limited to occurring in hardware-based systems only. Bugs are unavoidable in any type of software, including operating systems and applications. So, if there is a bug in your Twitter app, it can cause issues in the app notifications. These bugs can be resolved in many ways that we will discuss in the article below.

How Can I Fix Twitter Notification Issue?

You can fix the problem of “Twitter Notification Won’t Go Away” in the following ways:

Clear Cache

If there is a bug in your Twitter app which is causing the notifications to appear again and again, then you can solve this issue by clearing the cache of the Twitter app. In order to clear the cache of the Twitter app follow the simple steps given below:

  • First of all, open the settings of your device and go to the apps.
  • Then, look for Twitter in the list of different applications that are installed on your device.

Clear Cache

  • Now, clear the cache of the Twitter app from its storage option.

Enable Notifications

Twitter notifications are quite complicated and you have to go through various kinds of settings to understand them. Due to its recent update, users are currently confused about Does Twitter Notifies When You Screenshot? However, the simple way to receive all kinds of notifications is to enable them from the settings of your app. You can enable the notifications of the Twitter app by using the simple method given below:

Open the settings of your Android or iOS device and tap on notifications.

iOS device and tap on notifications

Find the Twitter app by scrolling down.

Twitter app by scrolling down

Then enable notifications for the Twitter app.

Check Message Requests

If you can’t open the message requests that are causing the red icon to stay on your notifications, the problem will not be fixed. So, check all message requests by following the simple procedure provided below:

Open the feed of your Twitter account.

To access your inbox, select the icon that looks like an envelope and tap on it.

To access your inbox, select the icon that looks like an envelope

You will find a section named “Message Requests” on the main menu of your inbox. Open it to proceed to the next step.

If you can’t find any messages, then it means nobody has messaged you.

If you find any messages, respond to them or at least open them to clear that section.

After that, you will not see any unread notifications due to message requests.

Open Account on Other Device

Opening Twitter on one of your other devices, such as your iPad, computer, or Android device, is the quickest way to solve the problem with the notification that Twitter has sent to your device. For this purpose, you just have to sign in to your Twitter account from another device and open your notifications. After marking all notifications as read you can check if the problem has been solved on your phone as well.

Login to Your Account Again

The Twitter notifications problem can also be solved by simply logging out of your Twitter account from your phone. After some time, you can log in to your account again and the Twitter notification problem is likely to be solved in this way.

Restart Your Phone

You can also try restarting your phone and see if it solves the problem of Twitter notifications. In most cases, restarting your phone is the best way to solve any technical issues in Android and iOS devices.

Reset All Settings

Another option is to reset all settings of your device to get rid of the Twitter notifications problem. This will not delete any of the data stored on your device; rather, it will overwrite any settings that you have customized.

Reset All Settings

First of all, go to the settings of your device.

Then, click on the option of “General Settings”.

Now, you have to tap on Reset and select the option of Reset All Settings.

Update the Twitter App

If the issue of the notifications still persists, you should try updating the Twitter app from the Google Play Store or Apple Store. Sometimes, users forget to update their apps timely and keep using the older version of the app which causes problems due to the presence of bugs.

Check if You are Shadowbanned

The majority of the time when users violate the policy regulations of Twitter, their account gets shadowbanned by the platform. Whenever your account is shadowbanned by Twitter, your notification will not work properly. If you discover that your account has been shadowbanned, try not to freak out. Just be patient and refrain from posting until the limitations have been lifted.

Re-install the Twitter App

If you are experiencing the same problem after applying all the above-mentioned techniques, you should uninstall the Twitter app from your mobile phone and install it again. This will surely fix this problem from your Twitter app. However, you may lose some of your data due to the uninstallation of the app.

How to clear all notifications on Twitter?

You can press and hold the notifications badge in order to clear all notifications. Moreover, you can also clear your notifications one by one by swiping on each notification.

How Can I find out if someone is stalking me on Twitter?

It is not possible to figure out who is viewing your account and posts on Twitter because the platform does not include a search function for this kind of information.

When Twitter shows notifications to its users?

Twitter users receive notifications when anybody follows them, retweets/likes their post, mentions them in a tweet, or signs up on Twitter from their contacts list.
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