All About Priority Post Box

The priority post box is a mailbox postal workers use to manage and prioritize mail. Its purpose is to deliver important mail as quickly and efficiently as possible. Priority post boxes come in different types, depending on the mail handling.

A common type of delivery is general delivery, while package and express delivery are also available. To ensure that the priority mailbox is used for urgent mail, it should be designated for only specific types of mail.

For example, mail critical to a limited company or individual receiving it is usually included.

USPS Priority Mail Features

USPS Priority Mail offers extra convenience features (most of them for free).

  • You can mail packages through your local Post Office, or your letter carrier can pick up prepaid packages at your regular service time at no additional charge.
  • USPS tracking is free
  • Pickup on Demand and Package Pickup is available.
  • Postage can be paid by stamps or postage meters for packages over 13 ounces. Priority Mail postage must be paid with stamps at a local Post Office (Note: Business accounts cannot be used to pay for Priority Mail).
  • It is free to forward or return packages

How much does Priority Mail cost?

With Priority Mail flat-rate envelopes, you can send packages based on their weight and dimensions. There is a cost difference between Priority Mail packages depending on the packaging.

If you send Priority Mail packages in a flat rate envelope (which does not qualify for dimensional weight or balloon rate pricing), you will be charged based on the zone and weight of the package. The origin and destination of the shipment determine zones. There is a rounding up of all fractions to the nearest whole pound.

Packages weighing more than 13 ounces are sent by retail First Class Mail. The Priority Mail service price is automatically applied. The maximum for First Class Package Service is 15.999 ounces if you have USPS Priority Mail Commercial Rates. If you want to add on a Priority Mail extra service, you can request items weighing less than 13 ounces to be sent at the Priority Mail service price, but the cost could be nearly twice as high.

Flat Rate Envelope Pricing

When an item is packaged in a flat-rate envelope or box, the sender pays a set price regardless of the item’s weight or destination. Despite not being technically a flat rate envelope, USPS allows Priority Mail envelopes smaller than 12.5″ x 9.5″ Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelope to be mailed at the flat rate envelope’s price.

Using Flat Rate Envelopes and Flat Rate Small Boxes is always more economical if your items fit into them, regardless of weight or zone. Stuffing will not fit in a Flat Rate box, as the container flaps must close and seal within the folds of the box.

Regional Rate

Regarding pricing, Regional Rate is a combination of flat rate and zone pricing. It is cost-effective as long as the items fit in specially marked boxes. You can order free USPS boxes and have them delivered to your door for free.

A Regional Rate box cannot contain more than 20 pounds of contents. When shipping to a lower zone/closer destination, Regional Rate Boxes (A and B) offer the best price. They are designed for short-distance shipping of small, dense packages. A USPS Flat Rate box in a Medium or Large size may be more cost-effective if you’re shipping further away.

For shipments weighing less than 20 pounds, Priority Mail Regional Rate is a great option. The Regional Rate differs by zone, so it is vital to know the zone where you want to take advantage of it.

Commercial Rates

USPS offers discounted postage rates for commercial customers. With an annual shipping volume greater than 50,000 units, it is lower than retail pricing and available to qualified shippers (ShippingEasy subscribers included).

However, it is essential to note that USPS requires a contract for Commercial Pricing.

Collections in your Priority Post Box

Collection frequency in your Priority Post Box can depend on various factors, including the type and size of your box. However, a rule of thumb is to expect receiving collections every two to three weeks.

Types of Priority post box Collections

Priority post boxes can be used for a variety of collections. We have listed below the most common types of collections and what they can be used for.

1. Bills

Payments and other important information, such as utility bills or rental expenses, can be collected from the mailbox.

2. Mail

The mail can be collected to be sorted and sent as needed. Customer mail, company mail, and any other important mail that needs to be handled quickly can be included in this category.

3. Junk Mail

Every week, homes receive a lot of junk mail. It could be reduced if junk mail were collected. You can either organize all the mail in the box or put specific types of mail in designated folders.

4. Phone Messages

You can save and listen to phone messages later or delete them if they are unimportant. When time is limited, or when it is not possible to listen to all the messages simultaneously, this can save time.

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More about Priority Post in simple words…

It is a service provided by the US Postal Service. When the package is marked USPS priority mail, the delivery process is expedited, which allows the recipient to receive the delivery as soon as possible.

Usually, a priority box can be used for regular mail if it isn’t flat-rate delivery. For Priority Mail Commercial, you can use any box you like.

By looking for the Royal Mail sticker that will be placed on your local priority postbox, you can check if it is a priority postbox by checking the Royal Mail app.

Can I send parcels using a priority box?

Priority mailboxes are free but can only be used for certain purposes. In this regard, USPS is extremely strict. Items cannot be sent by parcel post or media mail using the boxes. Low-class mailings are not appropriate for them. It is a courtesy and an enhancement of the service that they are provided. The priority mailbox can be used to ship flat-rate envelopes or boxes. It is necessary for that situation to use Flat Rate packing for the postage.

Do priority flat rate boxes work with regular priority postage?

A common question is whether you can use a priority flat rate box with regular priority mail. If you want to mail something, you can, but the post office charges you $7.70 for postage. If the priority mail requirements are met, it doesn’t matter what the weight or destination is.

Is it normal for my Priority Post Box to receive collections?

Your Priority Post Box may fill up with collections if you have a lot of spam in your mailbox. A collection occurs when USPS delivers a package to your house but does not leave it on the curb for you to pick up. Your mailbox is where they put the item so you can pick it up on your own.

You may receive a collection from the USPS for a few different reasons:

  • In the first place, the postal service may be unable to handle the volume of packages.
  • Secondly, the package may be damaged or oversized. It is also possible that the recipient moved and did not notify the USPS about their new address.

Getting too many collections in your mailbox can be fixed by doing a few things. Start by checking to see if you have any packages missing.

Next, examine the package to see if anything is wrong. Contact the sender if the package is damaged or oversized, and ask them to send a smaller package next time. If you have moved and haven’t updated your address, please notify USPS.

What can I do about it?

Priority Post boxes cannot be expanded to accommodate the amount of mail that is being placed in them if there is a high volume of mail in them. USPS can only process mail that is sent to them.

If you want to reduce the amount of mail that is sent to your Priority Post box, you can follow these steps:

  • Maintain a clutter-free mailbox by removing items regularly so that more mail can be processed.
  • If necessary, adjust your collection frequency. Make sure you send mail to all your boxes simultaneously if you have multiple boxes.
  • Contact customer service if you are experiencing problems with receiving mail in your Priority Post box.


It’s always a good idea to check the status of your Priority Post Boxes to ensure your mail and packages arrive safely and on time. You can be sure that all your mail will be received and handled within two business days after it is collected from these boxes.