How to Send Pictures Using a Fake Camera on Kik?

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If you want to send your picture to any friend on the Kik app and don’t want to use the live camera feature of this app, then don’t worry you can send your picture using Fake Camera on Kik. This process is also known as the “catfish” as you pretend to send a live picture but in reality, you are sending a previously captured photo from another camera.

Kik messaging app is getting famous among adults and teenagers due to its unique feature of sending messages to anyone anonymously. In this app, you cannot choose a picture from your phone gallery or camera roll because it only allows live pictures captured through its own camera. However, you can also send your old pictures through this app but the Kik app informs you about the old status of pictures to the recipient.

So, the question is how can you send old pictures on the Kik app which appear like live pictures and the recipient does not get to know about the real status of the picture? The perfect way to send a fake live on Kik is by utilizing a third-party app.

What Exactly is a Fake Live Photo?

The previously saved photo you send to any person from your camera roll/gallery rather than Kik live camera and it appears to be a live picture to the recipient is known as a Fake live photo. The fake live photo sent through a third-party app cannot be recognized by the recipient and he/she will think that you have captured and sent this photo just a second ago. 

How Can I Send Fake Live Photos on Kik?

Although Kik does not allow you to send fake live photos, it is not that difficult to send them if you don’t want to share your live photo with anyone. There is a large number of third-party apps available for Android and iOS devices that allows you to send fake live photos on the Kik app. 

You just have to install any app on your phone from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store such as Fake Camera Kik App, AppValley App, or Gallery Cam App. Even if the photo you want to use was taken three years ago, you can make it look as if it were taken in real-time with the help of these apps. 

Complete Method to Send Old Pictures as Live Photos on Android:

  • First of all, download any of these apps (Fake Camera Kik or Gallery Cam) from their official websites. 
  • Then, you have to open the Kik app, allow all permissions, and select a person to whom you want to send an old picture as live.
  • Now, click on the icon of a camera located at the bottom left side of the screen and choose the camera of a third-party app.
  • After that, this third-party app’s camera will become your default camera for the Kik app.

third-party app’s camera

  • You will be able to choose your gallery photos through this camera and send it to anyone on the Kik app.

In this way, the recipient will never know that this photo is old or not sent through the Kik app’s original camera.

Complete Method to Send Old Pictures as Live Photos on iPhone

  • First of all download the AppValley app on your iOS device from the official website.

AppValley app

  • Then, open the app and allow all necessary permissions.
  • From the dashboard of the AppValley app, search for “Kik”.
  • The Kik app will ask for special permissions and you have to allow all of them in order to use it.
  • Now, sign in to your Kik account and go to the chat of any person to whom you want to send a fake live photo.
  • After that, you will be able to send any picture from your camera roll as a “Live Photo” on Kik without any issue.

Is it Safe to Send an Old Photo as Live?

As far as your Kik account is concerned, it is completely safe to use any third-party app as your Kik account will not get blocked by using them. However, you should completely scan these third-party apps with an antivirus program in order to make sure that these apps are free from viruses. Moreover, you will have to download these apps from their websites as they are not available on the Google Play Store.

What Should You Keep in Mind While Sending Photos as Live Pictures?

Use Pictures that Look “Live”

While sending your old pictures as live photos, you should avoid sending such photos in which you are standing at a distance or posing in such a style that is impossible for live pictures.

Use Unedited Photos

Never use your edited pictures as live photos because the recipient may figure it out by looking at the pictures closely.

Use Average Quality Pictures

Don’t send your photo as a live picture that is captured from a digital camera because the phone camera does not capture photos in such high quality and thus the recipient will become suspicious.

Use Selfies

Try to send your previously captured selfies as live photos because they are safe as the recipient will not find out that it is an old picture.

Why Should I Send Fake Live Photos on Kik?

Why Should I Send Fake Live Photos on Kik

Chatting to Strangers

If you are not comfortable sharing your live pictures with any stranger on the Kik app, then you should use the option of sending your old picture as a live photo.

Being Lazy

Imagine, you woke up in the morning wearing your night dress and you are not in the mood to wash your face and click some nice live pictures to send to your friend on Kik. in this situation, you can send your previously taken pictures as live photos if your friend insists.

Prank Your Friends

You can prank your friends by sending fake live photos on the Kik app. 

Safety and Privacy

You can keep your identity private by sending fake live pictures on Kik, as you will come in contact with various types of strangers, and it is not safe to share your personal photos with anyone. 

Catfish Someone

If you don’t want to share your original photos with any specific person, you can use the option of sending old pictures as live photos because, in this way, you can send completely fake photos to that person easily.

Final Thoughts

In this article, we discussed how can you send your old photos as live pictures through Fake Camera on Kik. As the Kik app never allows you to send your old photos as live pictures so, you have to download a third-party app for this purpose. It is completely safe to use third-party apps for sending fake photos and it does not cause any harm to your Kik account. However, you should ensure you are using a virus-free and trusted app. In addition to the complete method of sending fake live photos, we also discussed how it is beneficial for you to send your old pictures as live photos on the Kik app. 

Can I send old pictures through the Kik app?

Yes, the Kik app allows you to send your old photos to other people. However, if you want to send your old photos as live pictures, you have to use a trusted third-party app such as Fake Camera Kik App, AppValley App, or Gallery Cam App.

Can I video call my friend by using the Kik App?

No, the Kik app does not allow you to video call your friends.

Can I go live by using the Kik App?

Yes, the Kik app allows its users to start a live stream through both Android and iOS devices.
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