How to See What Filter You Used on Snapchat?

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Users of Snapchat make effective use of the app’s filters. Concerning the filters, there are currently over one million filters that have been developed by its users. Snapchat has some incredible filters that you can use to either amuse your partner or simply have some good times. However, due to countless filters on the platform, users cannot remember which filters they have used on their pictures that’s why I will guide you about “How to See What Filter You Used on Snapchat”?As a result, you can quickly locate and mark as Favorite the filters that you will need in the future.

Despite the fact that Instagram has essentially replicated the stories feature that is exclusive to Snapchat, It is still loved by millions of social media users from all over the world. Snapchat currently has more than 363 million users that are active on a daily basis which depicts the insane popularity of this social media platform. Snapchat users use various filters and lenses on their pictures which are used to enhance the appearance of photos to a great extent.

What are Filters and Lenses on Snapchat?

Snapchat Filters

When you take a photo or video with the Snapchat mobile app, you can add a filter to it to make it look more real. So, a filter is actually content to enhance the reality of any picture or video but it cannot be called Augmented Reality because it can only add 2D/3D or colourimetry variation to the screen. 

Snapchat Lens

When using the Snapchat application, you can add Snapchat Lens, which is augmented reality content. The ability to add lenses to the content of social media was first made available by Snapchat. It is among the key components of the Snapchat application because, with its help, people can use World AR to make the surroundings more attractive or use Tracking technology to add 3D or 2D assets to their bodies, faces, feet, hair, etc.

Why Does Snapchat Show What Filter You Use?

There are a large number of causes Why Snapchat Show What Filter You Use, but the most prominent objective is that the Snapchat platform wants to promote the filters created on its platform by its users. So, if you have created a Snapchat filter and you use it for your Snaps, it is visible to all users on Snapchat and anybody can use it without any restriction.

How to See What Filter You Used on Snapchat?

You can easily view what filter or lens you are using from Snapchat memories by using the following procedure:

  • Open the Snapchat app and Log in to your account.
  • Then, tap the two vertical rectangular boxes known as Snapchat Memories from the Home screen of Snapchat. These boxes are located to the left of the camera button.


  • In the Snapchat memories section, you will find tabs such as My Eyes Only, Stories, Camera Roll, and Snaps.
  • Now, tap on the picture to determine which filter is currently applied to it.


  • After that, click on the Edit button in order to find out the name of the filter.


  • After opening the Edit section, click and hold on to the Snap to view the name of the filter on the top left side of the screen.


  • If you want to find out the name of Lens, you can view it from the bottom left side of your screen in the Edit section.


In this way, you can view what filter you have used on your Snaps from the Snapchat memories. Moreover, you can also view Snapchat Stories without being friends through various simple techniques.

How to Add Snapchat Filters to my Favorites?

  • Open the Snapchat app and The Snapchat camera will appear after opening the app.
  • Then, select the Emoji icon by clicking on it.


  • Now,  you will observe that lenses and filters started to appear.


  • After that, swipe to the right to select the filter that you want to use.
  • After you have chosen a filter, the icon that looks like an “i” inside of a circle will appear just under your profile icon and the search bar.
  • Click on the icon that looks like “i”.


  • You will be presented with the title of the filter in addition to a few other options.


  • Simply selecting the star icon from these options will add that filter to your favorites.
  • After selecting a star, the star will be filled with color and a tick icon will appear next to it.


  • In the end, you should click the Done button.


How to Find Favorited Filters on Snapchat?

  • Open the Snapchat app and click on the Smiley icon located on the right side of the screen, close to the camera button.
  • Then, you will find numerous lenses and filters at the rear side of the screen.
  • Now, swipe to the right to access all of the available filters.


  • After you have chosen a filter, the icon that looks like an “i” inside of a circle will appear and you have to click on it.
  • You will be presented with the name of the filter/lens as well as some additional options.
  • After that, select More Lenses or More Filters from the list of available options.


  • You will now find your Favorites listed under the “For You” section.


  • Swipe to the right in order to view all of your favorites.

Why Do Lenses or Filters in Snapchat Completely Disappear?

If the creator of any filter has fixed the time limit for the filter, it will automatically expire after that date. In addition to this, Snapchat may choose to delete the lens due to the following reasons: it may be too old, fewer people are using it than in the past, or new lenses are being added.

Final Thoughts

You can conveniently view what filter you used on Snapchat by going to the Snapchat memories section. After going to Snapchat Memories, you can click on any picture, go to the Edit option, press and hold the Snap and view the filter name at the top left side of the screen. However, if you want to see the name of Lens, it will appear on the bottom left side of your screen in the Edit section.

Does Snapchat automatically delete previously used Filters or Lenses?

Yes, when any filter gets too old, Snapchat removes it and adds a new updated filter in that space.

Is it possible to apply the Snapchat filter to already-taken photos that are stored in the camera roll?

Yes, it is possible to apply the Snapchat filter to already-taken photos from Camera Roll. To apply a filter to an old photo, open the Snapchat Memories tab. Select "Edit Snap" from the menu that appears when you tap the three dots in the top right. Slide your finger to the left to add the desired filters.
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