Do Messages Deliver When Phone is Dead?

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iPhone users are often concerned about their undelivered messages as it gets quite confusing sometimes while chatting with your friend and suddenly the messages stop getting delivered. So, the most common question about iMessages is Do Messages Deliver When Phone is Dead? And why do they stop getting delivered during the chat? Let’s find out all the answers in this article.

The quick and precise answer to that question is “No” because the message will never be delivered if the phone is switched off. The message is not shown as delivered on the Sender’s phone until the message is received on the iMessage app of the recipient which is impossible for a dead phone.

iMessage App

The default messaging app on iPhone is very convenient for users as they can send and receive both iMessage and regular SMS text messages by using it. The iMessage service, which is available for free on a variety of Apple products, eliminates the need to pay for standard text messaging by making it possible to send and receive group and individual messages.

Delivery Feature of iMessage App

If you are chatting with your friend on the iMessage app and suddenly your messages stop being delivered to your friend, it means that the phone of your friend has been switched off due to battery drainage or any other reason. Let’s learn more about the delivery feature of the iMessage App.

There are three following conditions for a message to be delivered on the iMessage app:

  1. The mobile phone of the recipient should be turned on.
  2. It is necessary for the recipient’s phone to have iMessage enabled.
  3. There should be an active internet connection on the recipient’s mobile phone.

If any of those three conditions aren’t met, you won’t receive any delivery prompts at all. So, if the phone is currently switched off, the message will not be delivered. On the other hand, if you have logged in with your Apple ID on multiple devices and any one of them is active at the time the message is received, you will see a delivery prompt regardless of whether or not your phone is turned on.

How Do I Check If Someone’s Phone is Dead? How to Check if I am Blocked?

How Do I Check If Someone's Phone is Dead How to Check if I am Blocked

There are several ways to check if someone’s phone is dead or switched off and the iMessage delivery is one of them. Moreover, in this way you can also check if someone has blocked you from his/her iPhone. You can try sending some messages to the person’s iMessage app and see if they are being marked as delivered. If not, then it is possible that their phone is dead or you are blocked by that person. In addition, you can also check if they have Stopped Sharing Location because if a person’s phone is dead or they have blocked you, you will not be able to view their location on your iPhone.

Can I Disable my iMessage App?

Apple provides users with two different messaging options. You have the ability to switch between the iMessage service and SMS. So, if you don’t want to use the iMessage app for messages you can easily turn it off from the settings by following the simple instructions provided below:

  • First of all, open the Settings of your phone and tap on Messages.
  • Then, simply turn off the iMessage by toggling the switch located in the “Messages” tab.

Can I Disable my iMessage App

  • Now, activate the option of “Send as SMS“.

What Does it Mean When The Message Bubble on my iPhone is a Different Color?

Blue Color – When sending an iMessage from one Apple device to some other Apple device using the iMessage service and Apple Messages app, the blue speech bubble on the iMessage lets the recipient know that the message they are sending is encrypted and secure.

Green Color – When you send a message to a recipient who does not have Apple’s Messages app, the message will be delivered using the standard SMS text messaging protocol. these messages will be displayed in a green speech bubble. The use of the color green in these messages represents that they are conventional SMS messages.

Grey Color – iMessages and standard text messages that you receive from other people are always shown in grey color. It doesn’t matter if you are texting with a single person or a group, the grey color will be shown in both cases.

What if my Friend is Using Multiple Devices?

What if my Friend is Using Multiple Devices

If your friend is using multiple devices and any of these devices is active at the time their mobile phone is dead, your message will be shown as delivered to you. The reason is, whenever you send a message to an iPhone’s own iMessage app, it will be sent to all devices of that user i.e iPad, Apple Watch, etc. So, if any of them is active the message will be marked as delivered.

Do Messages Deliver When Don’t Disturb Mode is Enabled?

If a person has enabled “Don’t Disturb” mode on the iPhone, they will not be able to receive your messages until they disable it. However, if you are sending messages to that person who has enabled the Don’t Disturb mode, you will see that all of your messages are being delivered. This is the main difference between blocking and Don’t Disturb Mode because in this mode all messages are shown as delivered even if the recipient receives them or not.

Final Thoughts

Do Messages Deliver When Phone is Dead? No, they don’t because the messages on iPhone can only be delivered when your phone is operational, the iMessage app is enabled on it and is connected to a strong internet connection. Otherwise, your message will not be marked as delivered on your iMessage app.

What happens when an iMessage is sent to a switched-off iPhone?

If you send an iMessage to an iPhone that is off, it won't be delivered until the phone is turned on.

How can you tell if their phone is turned off or not?

You can see if the recipient's phone is off by looking at the "Read receipts" from your iMessage app. If the "Delivered" message is not shown on their messages, it's possible that their phone is off.

Is it possible to use the iMessage app on an Android device?

You will not be able to use iMessage on an Android device because this app is only compatible with Apple products.
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